From personal projects to tracks aiming for worldwide release, we provide the right environment, equipment, and tools needed to build a masterpiece. We can accommodate both large bands and intimate solo sessions.


1-3 $100 PER SONG / 4+ $90 PER SONG

Years of critical listening and great gear yield stellar sounds. Our mastering chain utilizes both digital and analog gear. We will ensure your songs are edited, faded and spaced appropriately. We encourage you to provide references in the mastering process to ensure the frequency response, stereo field and overall levels match your targets. Whether you can attend the session or need to send in the track we will deliver the same high quality master our clients have come to expect. 


We offer a complete turn-key solution for clients who wish to create media for podcasting and audio lectures. Whether its finding a suitable recording space, setting up a recording system at your location, post production, or distribution, we take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus strictly on content.


2HR $60 / 5HR $140

Whether you are a nationally touring band or local artist we have a comfortable space for you to rehearse. Drum set, P.A system, Bass Cab, Piano and Guitar Amps are included in rental rate. 



Audio mixing services for any genre or style. By employing the latest in hardware, outboard gear, software, and plug-ins, our engineers aim to mix your song until it’s flawless, while always keeping your original vision in mind.


We have experience in providing ADR, Foley, Sound Design and Sound Repair for all types of projects. No matter the size, if you need help with your project's audio, we can help you.